Every day we are confronted with the problem of the lack of suitable candidates on the labor market and we see lower commitment and loyalty of current employees.
What to do to change it?
I will not hide that in order to “survive” on the market, a REVOLUTION should be made in your company in specific aspects of human management.
First of all, the key step at the company level is to determine what are and will be key skills and how to change the structure and make the scope of activities more flexible to be effective. It may turn out that after the automation one specialist will be able to do the work also from another area – it is the so-called SUPER JOBS, which I will write separately.
We have times when employees want to understand WHAT SENSES ARE WORKING AND HAVE DIRECT IMPACT ON BUSINESS according to their talents. This means that the leaders should match the work to individual talents and, additionally, understand the values ​​and strategies of the company in order to easily show employees that their daily work is of great importance.
The next step is a completely different approach of employees to TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT. Currently, employees want to develop faster, more flexibly, take part in projects outside their area and trainings want to go in a place, time and form appropriate for them.
Employees expect that when they want they will be able to experience work in a completely different department or participate in projects not necessarily related to their own plot.
For this you need a FAIR ATMOSPHERE at work – the boss who will advise, motivate and team / teams with whom you spend time with pleasure.
I will not write about so-called hard elements, i.e. flexible working hours, working from home or accepting other forms of employment, eg B2B – this is already the standard.
If you work in a company that needs a revolution in the above aspects, I invite you to contact me.