Managing change in the introduction of a new business model and changes in employee behavior based on the Logistics Department.


The Logistics Department in Europe and Poland – transport planning and warehouses – struggled with low business efficiency. The management of the company was faced with the decision whether to invest in changing the business model in the company or to sell this area to an external company on the basis of outsourcing.


Logistics Management Team got a clear information about their difficult situation with a request to present a plan of action for a quick improvement.

We offered our client a meeting with the sales department to hear from them the latest market information regarding current expectations and customer habits.

In a short time, we organized workshops for Logistics Managers with key business areas, including Sales, Production, Procurement and Finance. The new business model was presented at a higher level with a positive effect. The key success factor was a change in the behavior of Logistics employees to more focused on customer expectations, proactivity, speed of operations, more effective cooperation with other departments.

The first step in changing behavior was to make key employees (ambassadors) aware of changes in customer expectations. We organized the meetings of these employees with colleagues from the Sales Department, who presented them with consumer trends, showed how inefficient is the current process and what changes are expected.

Then there were trainings from the new process along with soft trainings – developed by us – from customer service, proactivity, cooperation with other departments.

The active participation of the management team showing the direction of changes, specific expectations and future positive effects of their introduction was very important in the whole process. Such meetings and trainings were held for all employees.

The executives and ambassadors of change have been additionally trained in how to deal with resistance during change, how to objectively evaluate and appreciate new behaviors.


The result of the project was the decision of the company’s management to maintain the logistics department in the company along with further investments.

The data supporting this decision was the increase of logistics productivity by 7% on a 6-month scale in Europe, and thanks to this, an increase in sales by 3%, the Polish branch recorded a similar result.