How to increase employee involvement by implementing specific steps after the Employee Engagement Survey – IT industry


The Employee Satisfaction Survey was implemented in the company with great response and after the first year there were no specific discussions or steps taken by employees or management team.

The following year, the company wanted to understand the mood in the company because it has a high turnover and would like to implement a new satisfaction survey, but was afraid of low interest and involvement of employees.


Together with the management team, we have developed a communication plan for employees along with concrete steps after the next edition.

We have also defined in the teams people who have an informal influence on a team of so-called informal leaders and invited them to shape the final proposal.

The communication has started from the Board, which organized physical meetings with employees, telling how it will practically look like by committing themselves to undertake specific improvement projects.

In general, the approach to performance on the results was very simple – the teams will receive team and general company results based on which they will determine how to strengthen their strengths and prepare two or three specific points on how to work better in their team.

In addition, the teams indicated the most important problems that managers should take care of.

The teams and managerial staff verified the results of the projects every three months in a very friendly atmosphere – at joint breakfasts or lunches sponsored by the company. The effects of specific projects at both levels were presented on short but specific meetings with the rewarding of the best initiatives.


After the initial negative perception by employees 83% of the teams engaged in joint projects and believed in the possibility of changes seeing a proactive and transparent approach of the management.