A practical change management in the scope of team restructuring – Shared Services Center


One of the areas of the Shared Services Center successfully completed a global project of transferring processes to Poland. After six months, the global project team recognized that one of the processes is not working remotely and that these processes must be returned to the countries from which they were migrated from. In practice, this meant the dismissal of about 20 people from the team within 3 months.


The first step was to establish a specific action plan with the business – which countries and when will be the first to be transferred and what is the time for the entire project.

On this basis, we have agreed a multi-stage communication plan and help employees who lose their jobs in finding a new position in the company.

The key success factor was transparency towards the entire team – people who were impacted and not impacted – about the situation with the presentation of the action plan.

We have planned in advance individual conversations with employees about the possibilities of development in the company, we have organized meetings with teams covered and not covered by the change. This action was aimed at calming the mood and ensuring safety of positions.

An important element was our empathy, flexibility and commitment in looking for new roles, so that the employees feel the change as mildly as possible.


The change was carried out on time and new roles were found for 85% of employees; unfortunately, 15% of employees left the company, which was the average rotation in the team.

Thanks to such a change, we increased the loyalty of employees and no negative information about this situation appeared on the market, so it did not negatively affect the image of the employer.