A light and practical Talent management solution in the company – FMCG sector


The branch of the global FMCG company presented the problem of high rotation of key employees in the company, which strongly reduced business efficiency.


The first step we did was to analyze the exit information of key people. The most important reasons for the exit of these employees was the lack of opportunities to acquire new skills in other areas, participating in innovative projects affecting the business. In addition, we looked at the passive Talent Review – a process during which talents and their strengths are discussed.

The first element of the solution was to build the awareness of the management of the operation as a whole of the company, and not only for its own area. For this purpose, we conducted a workshop during which the Management team updated the strategy, objectives and developed the new measures in the area of talent management, for example a specific percentage of talents in the area that should go to another area or run a project there.

An additional element of our proposal for a light approach was setting up of an annual meeting focused on business and human needs along with a concrete action plan for each Talent. Additionally, thanks to us, quarterly short meetings were introduced, where real achievements in the scope of fixed action plans towards Talents were discussed.


Expanding the managerial perspective of looking at business, finding common business goals in relation to their scope of responsibility, establishing common and specific measures of sharing talents and a light approach to the talent management process reduced their turnover by 3%.