Our offer

For organization
  • supporting defining the vision, mission, values, strategy and culture of the company together with the communication plan
  • analyzing the potential of talents in the organization
    (various methods, eg. AC/DC, DISC) and development plans
  • building career paths with developmental programs in the field of leadership and expert roles
  • development trainings for the managerial staff and specialists
  • supporting change management in the organization (company development, restructuring, building new behaviors) together with the communication plan
  • practical implementation of modern HR processes, eg employee assessment, talent management, training strategy, employee satisfaction surveys
  • individual and group coaching
  • building a personnel strategy for the newly created branch – all HR processes
  • support in the acquisition of new companies and building a unified organizational culture
  • optimizing the efficiency of the structure, roles in teams and labor costs
For teams
  • supporting the definition of the team’s vision, strategy, objectives and values
  • analysis of team performance based on Belbin’s group roles
  • team coaching
  • improvement of own team and/or cross-team collaboration
  • trainings dedicated to the individual needs of the team
  • for HR – practical implementations of modern HR processes eg. employee assessment, talent management, training strategy, employee satisfaction surveys, HR performance measurement
for employees
  • analysis of an individual profile – employee’s talents using the Extended DISC method or AC/DC
  • building an individual development plan together with measurement of results
  • individual coaching and mentoring, including executive coaching
  • trainings developing individual needs
Training topics tailored to customer needs:
Team menagement
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Remote/virtual team management
  • Leadership in working with different generations, cultures
  • Agile team management
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Conflicts Management
  • Effective delegation, enforcement and motivating team and individual employees
  • Team building through communication, team work and relationships
  • Daily feedback on how to pass difficult information
  • Coaching as a method of employee development and inspiring taking responsibility
  • Improvement of personal efficiency including time management
  • Communication in business
  • Presentation skills
  • Building an individual career path with an implementation plan
  • Dealing with stress
  • Professional customer service
Change menagement
  • Change management – how to initiate, implement and consolidate changes in the organization
  • Change management – dealing with resistance