Diversity is strength or weakness?

Recently, while conducting trainings and workshops at conferences, I hear complaints that the generations do not understand – the “older” envy the “younger” that at the young age they already have almost everything, and the “younger” are impatient and want everything right away.
When I asked an employee of the generation Z how he solves this problem, he said he says what he thinks at team meetings and no one listens to him and does not say his opinion.
And here is a solution- it’s about proper communication and active listening to the needs, expectations and talents that the team has.
It’s time to stop complaining and communicate clearly in the team, because “we play for the same goal” and we have talents that will help win the match.
And here is the need for leaders to be able to lead team meetings that will show not only business expectations in a constructive way, but also the overall strength of the team and improve communication.
Open work with an individual employee is no longer enough, because now you have to act openly as a team.
I believe that diversity in the team is strength … and you?