Aligned Management Team as the biggest competitive advantage of company’s growth

In the latest report of Deloitte Insights 2018 The Rise of the Social Enterprise we find information about global trends in company management that will be in the near future the biggest competitive advantage of companies growth by up to 10% annually.

Management Team acting with a common vision, strategy and values

In the first place, as the most important trend, the Symphonic C-Suite is indicated meaning that the Management Board has a common vision, strategy and consistent operational objectives. Understanding and cooperating with all areas in the company will allow to realize the expectations of customers, suppliers or employees, which in turn will bring faster and adequate business response. Members of the Board must get out of the silos and work with each other; they must act as a whole to navigate the ever-changing business environment and face interdisciplinary challenges.

It’s easy to say just how to do it?

First of all, management needs to be open to see this problem and potential opportunities and solutions. Opening up to a change occurs most often in a collision with specific “difficult” facts that can strongly affect business efficiency.  Most often, these are specific data on, for example, losses related to customers, suppliers or employees or innovative solutions of competitors. In the human area, most often there are data on the level of employee satisfaction, the number and reasons for their leaving or as a result information about the company’s image during recruitment interviews.

Secondly, you have to propose specific simple solutions together with the calculation of benefits.

Who can make proposals for changes and how to do it effectively?

Here I recommend the support of an experienced external consultant who will prepare a specific workshop and conduct a discussion in order to effectively develop new solutions. After identifying new solutions, it is important to communicate changes and check how they work in the entire company as well as customers or suppliers. Members of the Board should work in specific interdisciplinary projects where a wider perspective is key to success while engaging their employees in similar activities.

Changing behavior and working methods takes up a year of hard work at every level, but it is a key element of achieving business success.


 What are your experiences?