4 specific things that will strengthen loyalty of B2B contractors or freelancers

More and more candidates as an important element of their motivation to change a job indicate a flexible form of employment, for example self-employment or freelancing.

New Generation on labour market

Such expectations will surely grow on the labor market, because the largest pool of candidates for work are and will be for some time millenials, for whom independence, flexibility and interesting, developmental projects are important.

Companies are afraid of cooperating with self-employed people because they do not know how to build their loyalty and commitment.

Fortunately, human psychology helps us in the answer, and in particular, knowledge about its motivation.

4 areas of motivation

And here we have 4 areas that employees need to create the sense and structure of their professional life and this is a place, routine, people and purposeThe first and second category – place and routine – are connected and are really the basis. An appropriate, comfortable workplace and friendly routine of behavior such as a friendly greeting, shared coffee or comfort of work by a quiet environment will ensure that the employee will not be demotivated at the start.

The other two areas – people and purpose – seemed to have different functions.

When it comes to connecting with people, it is not just about sharing coffee during a break or exchange of knowledge, but more important is contact with a person who knows the employee, can calm him, challenge or engage him and most often it is the boss or mentor. Such support helps the employee to more effectively manage the ups and downs of independent work. It is an important psychological need that helps people go further and focus on why they have gone in this more independent direction in their work.

Empowering sense of work

And this leads to the fourth element, which concerns the purpose of the work – its sense.

For employees working on their own – B2B – working in an interesting project that personally interests and inspires them is key and triggers a great deal of commitment and creativity.  The free choice of projects or type of work by independent employees greatly increases their passion and effectiveness. It may sound pathetic but let’s find people who are deeply committed, passionate people and bring them to the organization. We just have to use them and they will do great things with us.

In fact, people have a job in which they feel a deep sense of purpose, and organizations can have a job that is potentially adapted to that goal.

But it is always a negotiation of the relationship between the individual and the work embedded in the organization. And it just becomes incredibly thorny and difficult.

Only open and flexible organizations will be able to meet this challenge and thus will have a business advantage in the labor market.

What do you think?